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Winter rolls in...

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Dave here —

We're blogging!

This past weekend winter arrived big time, from sunny and 55 degrees to several inches of snow and temps in the 20s. Today it's still snowing. Our four chickens don't know what to do, but with the heat lamp on, they're still laying — 2 eggs today. This is their first sight of snow and their first winter. We've had lots of downtime lately, and most of us in the band have been consumed with family obligations, but we're looking forward to continuing to work on new music. We have some new tunes, as well as unrecorded songs that are being revisited and reworked. And I think this winter will provide a good opportunity to work our way through these tunes, and hopefully we'll be able to share some of that process with y'all via live-streams or videos along the way.

We have all greatly appreciated the support our new album Cheers to Solitude has received from radio nationwide, and from fans. Y'all make this world go round.

Let's take care of each other, wear our masks, and stay safe.


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2020년 10월 19일

I totally love that you are going to make that gradual shift away from the FB platform in particular. Kelly and I have been discussing this as well. Your choice to blog through your Two Tracks website seems a much richer experience with your music and musical lives. So, here’s Cheers to a New Solidarity! I’m with you!!

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