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Summer Touring / Album Release

Well, we've already burned up a few miles of road this summer with gigs in Utah, Nevada, California, Wyoming and Montana, and a couple coming up in Colorado here next weekend. It's going well, the music feels good, and we're playing all the new songs from our upcoming album It's a Complicated Life, due out August 25th. The first single, Canyon Wren, comes out this Friday, June 30th on all streaming platforms, and radio stations (request at your favorite station, pre-save it here).

We've got lots of shows lined up this year, and some special ones still yet to announce that we're really excited about, and we also just signed with a booking agency - Myriad Artists - and are really excited to see where that new relationship takes us.

We've been lucky enough to get to travel around the West this summer as a truly incredible Super Bloom has occurred across multiple states - currently Wyoming has been locked in a thunderstorm pattern that's bringing a years worth of moisture in a month, resulting in hundreds of miles of green hills and blooming flowers from edge to edge in the state. There appears to be no end in sight with more thunderstorms in the current 10 day forecast.

It truly has been awe inspiring and gorgeous.

We hope to see you all during our travels this year!


- Dave, Julie, Fred, Taylor


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