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Wow. There is so much incredible Americana music being made these days - and even in the short time of 48 hours we were able to catch so much awesome music. What a wonderful blur of happiness this event was - perhaps because of our bleary eyed travel approach - with a morning flight on Friday and a 10pm showcase set that night in Nashville, followed by a full day of music on Saturday and an 6am flight back on Sunday morning. A blurry happy awesomeness.

Highlights were discovering Denitia - a fantastic singer songwriter who performed a showcase right before us at the same venue of our official showcase. Also, our producer and friend Will Kimbrough showed up for our showcase and sat in on guitar - which was the first time this has ever happened in a live show scenario and it was so much fun and felt so good to finally get to play these songs that we've worked together on over the years in a live setting. We got to see our radio promoter Brad Paul for the first time in person that night as well. Then on Saturday we witnessed a live tribute to Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - the legendary album by Lucinda Williams that truly lives in our hearts as one of the best Americana albums of all time. Lucinda ended up sitting in the crowd behind us which was icing on the cake of that show, not to mention the numerous guest stars singing lead and performing in the band, it was truly incredible.

All in all we had a brief whirlwind of a September playing just three shows - two in California and one in Tennessee separated by some looooooong miles of driving and flying. That's been the story of this summer - big weekend warrior missions touring around the country inbetween keeping our home lives rolling and everything else.

We've got one more big trip coming up to the Albino Skunk Music Festival in Greer, South Carolina, and some tour dates around North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia Oct. 6-14th.

See you out there!


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