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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Is one of those seasons that holds great anticipation, feels vast and endless in its advance, and then once it's upon you, everything becomes a whirlwind of busyness, and in some sort of strange flash you go from the melting snow and mud of spring to the 100 degree days of July that melt into August, and you look at the calendar and your kids school year starts in less than a week and you have one empty weekend left and you ask yourself: What happened?

We've had a wonderful summer as a band, with a great trip to California for the Kate Wolf Music Festival in June, a great run around our home state in July, followed by one of our favorite festivals - the Sioux River Folk Festival - and a mix of regional dates in August, and a handful of excellent dates coming up in September including the Deadwood Jam, and a local show Sept. 23 at the WYO Theater and some upcoming Montana dates in October. It really has felt so good to experience a summer music season in a way that we haven't since everything shut down in March 2020. There's a lot of a joy, and a healthy balance to the miles on the road and we can't thank all of you that have been at the shows for supporting us and supporting live music.

We've set dates for recording our next album, so look for some announcements related to that in the coming months as we'll likely be doing a kickstarter to raise the funds for it as we've done in the past. SUUUUUUPER excited to track some new songs for you - we have them all, they're ready, and we can't wait to share them with you!


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