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Fall still hanging on as winter nears...

We live in a beautiful place.

We returned from our East Coast tour to nearly a foot of snow piling up in our front yard, the slushy roads just barely allowing us back in late that night.

The color is still clinging to the trees with all it's might, as the snow clings similarly to the peaks.

Classic fall weather is just so wonderful, we can't help but feel lulled into a great space by it.

A sense of calm as winter approaches and a sense of excitement at what is to come.

We feel our best is still in front of us, song wise, gig wise, everything wise.

And we've got a bunch of new videos that will be coming out through the winter so stay tuned.

Light the fire, keep warm, stay safe and healthy, and hope to see you at a show, or around the campfire sometime.

Here's a video we just released today... (courtesy of South Dakota Public Broadcasting).


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