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Relix Magazine premieres "Eternal School Bus"

We are so honored that Relix Magazine is premiering our new music video "Eternal School Bus." We love everything about this video, as it celebrates home video clips of our kids alongside clips from the wonderful recording studio we've used for our past two albums, which sadly has been closed so that the property can be redeveloped. The video is an homage to these two things we love so dearly and we hope you'll hold it close to your heart, and share it far and wide with your friends.

We are so grateful to the team of incredible people that helped make this our best album yet. Will Kimbrough's intuitive producing adding some sweet dobro sounds to this track, Trina Shoemaker mixing everything into a beautiful warm happy puddle, Sean Sullivan's perfectly laid back engineering in the studio, and Jim DeMain's expert finish in the mastering.

This song starts side B of our vinyl edition - mastered for vinyl by Welcome to 1979 out of Nashville. So consider it a favorite B-side.


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