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East Coast!

We're so excited to head back easy for a short, wonderful run of shows. The Albino Skunk Festival is one of our very favorite experiences we've had as a band so we feel honored to be asked back, and we will also be recording a session for the syndicated NPR program Red Barn Radio in Lexington, Kentucky - our KY debut. There's a showcase set at The Basement in Nashville which will actually be our music city debut in terms of live performance. Also North Carolina and Georgia on this trip - very excited about the wonderful Pono Acres in Cumming, GA - one of the "anchor" gigs of this great trip - not to mention our Asheville debut at The Grey Eagle, and Charlotte at the Evening Muse. Really - it's just gonna be awesome and we're gonna do our best to rock it every day, and hope to pull it off safely for ourselves and for our fans. We support all protocols, vaccinations and masks, to keep our audiences safe, and to keep live music alive. Stay tuned for some posts from the road!

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